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SHERLOCK is a lively bi-monthly publication which delves into the world of Sherlock Holmes and crime fiction in all its varied manifestations.

Although the magazine is unfortunately no longer published, we have the entire back catalogue available in digital format. These are available to buy from our web site. 

Our dedicated online shop is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. But that said, we’re not always here to pick, pack and post the magazines or Sherlockiana off to you straight away, or to answer your  questions, so please do be a little patient outside of office hours. You may need to wait, for example, for a short while after purchasing before you receive your magazine download link.

You can always send us an e-mail if it’s not convenient to call at these times, or use our contact form to post your enquiry to us.

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The Complete SHERLOCK Archive (USB)

A complete digital archive of SHERLOCK magazine, supplied on USB stick

The Complete SHERLOCK Archive on USB memory stick
Price:£49.99 No VAT
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A selection of issues available to buy from our online shop

Issue 01

The very first issue of SHERLOCK, then the Sherlock Holmes Gazette was published on 4th May 1991

Sherlock Holmes Gazette issue 1
Price:£5.00 No VAT
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Issue 26

Issue 26 feature sa profile of Inspector Wexford, the detective character that brought fame to the...

Sherlock Holmes - The Detective Magazine 26
Price:£5.00 No VAT

Issue 46

Issue 46, and the last in its present form, of Sherlock Holmes - The Detective Magazine

Sherlock Holmes - The Detective Magazine 46
Price:£5.00 No VAT

Issue 50

The fiftieth issue of SHERLOCK magazine with a look back over the past eleven years

SHERLOCK issue 50
Price:£5.00 No VAT