Issue 66

We’ve some tremendous articles in the latest issue of SHERLOCK Magazine, including a number of related features about the Crime Festival 2005, which premiered the episode of CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) directed by Quentin Tarrantino.

Also in this issue is a feature about Maxim Jakubowski’s "Murder One Crime Bookstore", as well as an interview with German born actor Marlene Kaminsky, the star of the independent crime feature film "Her Name Was Amy Tillman". Plus there’s news and reviews on crime fiction books, television, theatre and film.

Holding On - a free DVD with SHERLOCK magazineAnd talking of film, this issue even comes complete with a free full-length feature film on DVD: "Holding On", produced and directed by Afonso Reis e Sousa. A former investment banker, Afonso hung up his suit for a while to make this gritty and contemporary thriller, set in London’s gangland.

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Issue 66 of SHERLOCK includes a free DVD film "Holding On"